Wmp not updating cd info

Hi, the problem I have is pretty simple - I bought a CD which contains 25 tracks, WMP only finds albums with either 23 or 24 tracks in a wrong order.

While the latter isn't an issue - easily solved by editing album information - I have no idea how to put more tracks.

This can include details such as music genre, publisher, year of publishing, album art, etc.

I've tried various things and absolutely nothing works.

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Using Windows Media player you can easily update the album information of any unknown albums or tracks present in your collection.

We'll look at two ways to rip or copy music from a CD via Windows Media Player: a quick rip option and a normal rip option.

QUICK RIP You can do a quick rip if the "Auto Play" menu comes out when you insert a disk in your computer's DVD/CD drive.

One of the options under Auto Play is to "Rip Music From CD (using Windows Media Player)" which will automatically launch Windows Media Player and the Rip menu.

Make sure you uncheck the "Always do this for Audio CDs" box so your computer doesn't automatically launch the Rip menu every time you insert a CD (i.e.


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