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(Flight Benefits, we're looking in your direction) LISTEN TO TODAY'S SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Good Monday Mornin' everybuddy!

It's a happy shiny day and the Opie and Anthony Radio POgram is off suspension and live on both XM and terrestrial stations. turn on your PALTALK, go to 'Opie and Anthony Live', and see the whole crew ...

Cette technologie est donc à la fois une filière alternative de traitement des déchets organiques et une filière de production d’énergie renouvelable.

A l’occasion de la visite de l’unité méthanisation de l’exploitation agricole en Bretagne, les ministres ont présenté le plan « énergie méthanisation autonomie azote », qui s’inscrit dans une double logique : Le plan EMAA permettra une « gestion globale de l’azote » sur les territoires, en valorisant l’azote organique et en diminuant la dépendance de l’agriculture française à l’azote minéral, pour une agriculture à la fois plus compétitive et plus écologique.

Riding on those huge triumphs, they parted company when his composer partner wrote Cats, which was based on poems by TS Eliot and therefore didn't need a lyricist.

We enjoyed meeting friends and making new ones at the National Down Syndrome Congress convention in Indianapolis from July 11-13, 2014.

We especially want to thank the people who got up early on Saturday morning to show an interest in research by attending our presentation “Advances in Down Syndrome Cognition Research – Dramatic Progress in Translating Discoveries into New Therapies.” Carolyn Cronin, Dr. Roger Reeves addressed a crowd of more than 200 people and answered questions about the opportunities created by your donations to the Lu Mind Foundation.

Brayson approached him as an ambitious 22-year-old in the late Eighties and it was his idea a decade ago to turn the tale of internal tensions at a US army base on Hawaii in the weeks before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor into a stage musical."I've been approached over the years by people suggesting a musical of this novel or that film and they haven't really grabbed me," says Sir Tim.

"But Stuart brought this to me and his enthusiasm got me intrigued. It's quite a heavy story and frankly it's much heavier in some respects in our version than it is in the movie. And with everything I've done I've always liked the story myself."Born in Buckinghamshire and educated at Lancing College before starting work as an articled clerk for a law firm, Tim Rice began his career in music and theatre in 1965 when he met Lloyd Webber, a fellow struggling songwriter four years his junior.


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    Our latest project is a 1,480-square-foot Spanish-style home that had lots of original charm but was in dire need of restoration and modernization.