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You can use the hosts file to force your local computer to look for your domain at Linode, rather than its current location on the Internet.

You can also make use of a proxy server on your i Phone or i Pade via mobile internet (3G) by using a i Phone Mobile proxy generator: enter the apn of your carrier (with apn username/password if needed) and the proxy server you want to go through and tap Generate I know it's been a while this has been posted, but with i OS 7.1, a few things have changed.Thinking that maybe the writing was on the wall for MAMP I started looking for an alternative and came across XAMPP.XAMPP provides a similar local server environment to MAMP, but configuring virtual hosts is a little different.Since it technically is not answering your question, I have asked and answered the question here: How can I redirect HTTP requests made from an i Pad?If you have the freedom to choose the hostname, then you can just add your host to a dynanmic DNS service, like So far, if you are developing an App, you MUST have a valid SSL certificate recognized by Apple, otherwise you will get an error message on you i Device. See here a list: Additionally, if you are here, it means that you are trying to make you i Device resolve a name (to your https server), on a test or development environment.Instead of using squid, which is a great application, you could simply run a very basic DNS server like dnsmasq.By manually specifying a specific IP address/hostname pair, web traffic sent to a domain can be directed to a server other than what’s specified in the domain’s A records.If these terms are unfamiliar, you might want to take a look at our DNS guide.A while back I posted about configuring virtual hosts in MAMP.More recently I noticed that MAMP hadn’t been updated in nearly a year and their support forum resembled a wilderness.


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