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From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: At a packed public meeting, county commissioners approved a series of seven legal agreements with the team, and several community agencies that will be involved in building, operating and paying for a new 2 million ballpark in the Cumberland Mall area.

I had two friends who said, yeah, you can rap, but I didn’t know that their opinion actually held value. And I feel being diverse, not many rappers are that diverse.

So to me, the first moment I actually did feel validation was the “Ex-Boyfriend” day, because that’s like objective, quantifiable data. There’s nothing more—being single to me is far less interesting to me than being in deep love. Trying to get people to take you seriously, does that make you want to move away from comedy or show them comedy can win? It’s a song like "$ave Dat Money," with guys like Rich Homie Quan and Fetty Wap, where it sounds like a dope rap song.

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