Stop vuze from auto updating by chris comic hazelton updating weekday

Because it seems all vuze does is just download the update file and ignores downloading all the torrents i want to download using it. there is no " start"option in the Interface tab to disactivate the automaatic updates requests. I am using Vuze Ever since the new version came out I am being harassed to install the new version.When you open the Options dialog, on the bottom left of the screen just above the Save button is a box that says "type filter text".Vuze is a Bit Torrent client written in Java that runs on any computer that supports the Java framework.

This document, titled "Vuze - Disable plugin update checking," is available under the Creative Commons license.

You can deselect it, so Vuze will only download new items for that subscription when you select them for download.

Or you can check for a subscription that selects content more narrowly so that it doesn't find more content than you -- or your hard drive -- are prepared for.

Every time I open Vuze, the new version zip file is downloaded automatically and a pop up appears telling me to upgrade.

Even when I delete this file they force it to download again. I like to install software only when I am ready for it.


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