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New York City is bigger and more bustling than ever and the strains on our transportation system are evident to all who live, work, and visit here: Sidewalks are overflowing, subway trains are packed, and our streets are full of pedestrians, cyclists, cars, trucks, and taxis.

NYC DOT’s is our response to these and other challenges.

I’d like to know where to meet single men over 40 in New York City. Only when their single friends fall away do they feel the need to look for a partner.

I’ve tried church, online dating, speed dating events, volunteering and all other places people recommend but it seems all that are there are women and a few men. – Karen, NYC The reason why you’re finding mostly women at those activities is because many of them all have the same idea – this would be a great way to meet men. As long as a man or woman has a steady stream of suitors, be it relationships or even just first dates, they’re going to be conditioned to believe they will always have that and therefore they have plenty of time to meet someone.

The report reflects on previous strategic and other planning documents produced by DOT, and explains projects, programs, and data analysis that have contributed to a decline in citywide traffic fatalities, faster bus service, improvements in bridge conditions, and creation of new public space.

I work on Wall Street and see men at lunch time, but it seems after work everyone over 40 disappears. The truth is, at our age, dating does have a competitive edge to it. But it’s much greater when you hit your late thirties and older. Meanwhile, what they bring to the table isn’t comparable. We’ve talked about the profile some men write where they describe their ideal woman and it sounds like an extension or replica of themselves. Those of us who have done online dating for a long period of time know that when you hit a certain age, the responses just dry up.

Here’s why: Because there are fewer and fewer available, healthy men to go around. That’s when the hunt starts to become more…aggressive. We end up in bad relationship after bad relationship because we chose to ignore what was in front of us. We don’t like ourselves - Shame can be a powerful anchor.

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