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In the city’s STD clinic there is no confusion about what the wait is for.But unlike other patients readily sharing the details of their sufferings with one another, the STD patients kill time looking at AIDS prevention brochures and condom posters.In these circumstances, laws dealing with domestic violence cannot be applied because domestic violence is considered to be a crime between a man and a woman.” The accused has not given the attorney permission to reveal her identity.She is, Urien says, “very upset” and “doesn’t want to speak” for fear of adding to the suffering of the couple’s two children, who are eight and 10, and whose custody is shared between the defendant and the mother, a 45-year-old office worker.“Absolute strangers talk about sex with me openly and without holding back.”These urgent conversations about sex keep the four doctors and four nurses of the clinic busy full time, more so with every passing year.The rise in the number of sexually transmitted diseases is a tendency not only in Spain, but also in the rest of Europe, said Barberá. A man reported to the authorities by his wife for psychological abuse seven years ago has undergone a sex change and become a woman before the case against him could be brought to a conclusion.

“It is one of the things I love about my job,” said María Jesús Barberá, director of the unit.

The defense attorney, Íñigo Urien Azpitarte, asserts that his client’s case is now under review as no precedent for it is known in Spain.

When Urien accepted the case seven years ago, he was representing a man married by the Church whose wife had brought charges of “insults and harassment without physical aggression.” According to Urien, when the couple were getting divorced his client started to refer to himself as a woman.

A total of 5,695 people were released from slavery by Spain’s security forces between 20, according to the Interior Ministry.

As victims of human trafficking, some were forced into unpaid labor, but the great majority were made to work as prostitutes.


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