Sisters dating same man

I don't think I could be really comfortable dating a girl with the same name. My brother's name is common - and it's the same as my dad's and grandpa's name. Finding a mate is difficult enough without putting such a ridiculous constraint on your dating opportunities.Sure, I'd try it and give it a good chance, but that particular circumstance hasn't happened yet. Could any of you feel comfortable crying out your lover's name during sex, when that name is that of one of your siblings? I want to think of my partner's name and get excited, be romantic, not think of my sister at that time. But, I don't call my dad or grandpa by that name, and luckily for me I think of my brother by his nickname. On the other hand, two of my sisters have names which have fallen out of favor during my lifetime.I know this seems really shallow and possibly pointless, but I have to know if it's just me with this phobia.My sister's name in not that uncommon, I don't come across it often, but it's out there.Anna and Lucy De Cinque who have spent over 0,000 on the same cosmetic surgery procedures to ensure they look identical, fascinated the producers of a Japanese television prank show who discovered them on You Tube.The 28-year-olds from Perth in Western Australia, who were born just one minute apart, were invited to fly over and participate in the show which saw them playing tricks on the public and competing against a Japanese set of twins who simply couldn't compare to their extreme measures. And they didn't sleep in the same bedroom,' the De Cinque twins told Channel Seven of their competitors.

Brother #3 has a son who almost married a girl with the same name as another daughter of Brother #1, not a sibling but a cousin.Over the holidays that went from light physical affection to an enjoyable makeout session.(My sister knew about us getting handsy and kissing btw).Current day: We live together, we’re both bisexual and poly.My sister is currently seeing a small group of lovely people who’re all involved with each other.From living together, to the job they share - working with the elderly - the twins are never more than a few metres away from each other at all times.When their father Luigi was diagnosed with cancer and remained housebound, the girls became even closer.It’s obvious the twins enjoy being completely, exactly, absolutely the same, and if they ever got the chance to fuse bodies and become one individual, I bet they would.Anyway, the disturbingly close sisters clearly share many things, including a passion for plastic surgery, an Instagram account, and a boyfriend. Apparently the twins met Ben on Facebook five years ago, so they finally decided it’s about damn time they get married.Now my sister and I are discussing the possibilities of whether I should date him as well, and what could happen as a result.We’ve tried to cover all the bases (it’d be awkward if one of us stopped seeing him, how the group would handle it, who goes to parties with him, etc) and are currently at an impasse.


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