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Olympic gold-medal gymnast, Shawn Johnson, who just won season eight of Dancing with the Stars, chatted exclusively with J-14 about her experience on DWTS, her Twilight obsession, rumors about her and Mitchel Musso, and more! J-14: We hear you are a big fan of the Twilight series -- are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

J-14: Do you felt like you found a new side of yourself through this competition? I mean I've never done any of this before and none of this is really allowed in gymnastics. I love doing something new and I've been doing gymnastics my whole life and I've never really had the opportunity to do something different so this is just the best experience ever. " He just seemed really fun and I just kind of had a feeling and you just gotta go with it. I broke the ice for every body else because no one wants to be that first person! Shawn: It's weird because I read the books before I saw it and I had this like preconceived image of what they looked like and that wasn't anything like it so it was different but I liked it.

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