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She achieved widespread media attention and critical praise when she appeared on the fourth season of Dawson's Creek as Gretchen Witter, dating the title character, and in an episode of the short-lived Fox comedy series Greg the Bunny, in which she played the part of a lesbian TV Guide reporter and shared an onscreen kiss with Sarah Silverman.Alexander has also appeared in the films Lucky 13, and All Over the Guy as well as He's Just Not That Into You, the independent movie The Last Lullaby, and Yes Man starring Jim Carrey. Drobnjaković ; May 17, 1973) is an American actress who played NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd on NCIS.She is best known for several roles, including Gretchen Witter, the sister of Pacey Witter on Dawson's Creek, as Lucy in Yes Man (2008); and as Catherine in He's Just Not That Into You (2009).

FOX411: Were you worried about taking another role in the law enforcement area?Angie Harmon: No I think with ‘Rizzoli & Isles,’ yes, there’s the aspect of the cop drama but there’s also the humanity of our back stories and our lives and our families. As an actor all we want to do is act and play people.I read the script and saw it was a character that was not only a homicide detective but a daughter, a girlfriend, a friend, obviously that’s going to be a lot more interesting than the usual procedural show. We have help when I’m shooting simply because it’s the summer vacation but the rest of the time it’s just us.Now, with the show poised to premiere its third season on TNT in three weeks, we’re all anxious to see if our favorite not-gay gay cop show continues to serve up healthy helpings of LLBFF canoodling, Totally Gratuitous, Totally Gay Touching and – of course – eye sex.Still, when last we saw these two lovely ladies of law enforcement, things were beyond tense.She began acting in school productions in the seventh grade and in addition, Alexander also was an ice skater but had to stop due to a knee injury.She continued acting through high school and college, and then moved to New York to act in summer stock and Shakespeare festivals.She currently stars as Chief Medical Examiner Maura Isles on the Turner Network Television series Rizzoli & Isles. Drobnjaković in Los Angeles, California, to to a Serbian mother and Italian Serbian-born father.As such, Alexander also speaks Italian and Serbian.I mean that spiritually, emotionally, just who she is as a person is quite extraordinary. Does your husband, ex-New York Giants football player Jason Sehorn help? Harmon: No, you could put a pink bow on him and sit him in a pink teapot miniature chair at a tea party, and I have actually walked in and seen that and it’s still no. FOX411: Are you sometimes amazed at how they bicker?So even to be put in the same sentence as her is a really great honor. Harmon: I’m an only child so the whole fighting thing, I don’t understand one bit.


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