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During the last few months I continued to develop this tool and add new features with the intended goal to facilitate the development and administration of new Service Bus-enabled applications.

In the meantime, the Windows Azure Management Portal introduced the ability for a user to create, disable, update queues, topics, and subscriptions and define their properties, but not to define or display rules for an existing subscription.

The links below highlight some of our favourite content on this site and the web that will help you get started with messaging and Rabbit MQ.

If you are just starting out with messaging and Rabbit MQ, please take a look at our Get Started tutorials.

As with any system, adding another component can lead to reductions in performance and reliability, and can also make the system as a whole more difficult and expensive to maintain. Search Service – Handles search in the entire application.

Lets consider an enterprise social application architected using SOA as different services like Item Service – Manages items like documents/events/pages etc. Conversion Service – Generates intermediary artifacts like thumbnails for image document items.

User uploads a new file using the Upload Service which has to trigger the Item Service for creating a new item once the upload is successful.

Item Service in turn triggers Feed Service to update the users feed, Search Service to index the item so that its searchable, Conversion Service so that any intermediary artifacts for the item can be generated.

Advantages of Message Oriented Middleware Disadvantages of Message Oriented Middleware The primary disadvantage of many broker based message oriented middleware systems is that they require an extra component in the architecture, the message transfer agent (message broker).

The current architecture used in A360 for communication across services is outlined below in Figure1 When Service A has to communicate with Service B, it uses Service B’s Http Client which inturn goes through the Custom Load Balancer (which knows information about all the instances of Service B through data structures populated from the config DB) to distribute requests to the available instances of Service B in a round-robin fashion.

Service BHttp Client constructs a Message with all the required inputs for the call to Service B and makes a http call through the Custom LB.

Queues and topics represent the foundation of a new cloud-based messaging and integration infrastructure that provides reliable message queuing and durable publish/subscribe messaging capabilities to both cloud and on-premises applications based on Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. NET applications can use the new functionality offered by queues and topics by using the new messaging API (Microsoft. Messaging) or via WCF by using the new Net Messaging Binding.

Likewise, any Microsoft or non-Microsoft applications can use a Service Bus REST API to manage and access messaging entities over HTTPS.


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