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Tranquil, picturesque and profoundly rural, the Duchy of Normandy today conveys a deep peace and contentment.At its heart there is picture-book charm, with orchards and small farms in rolling green countryside.Nukketeatteriarvio: inspiroivaa ilottelua / Par Frida Maria Pessi / TIP-Fest Mies tapaa naisen. Mies ja nainen rakastuvat, tottuvat toisiinsa, riitelevät ja eroavat. Ei kuulosta kovin monimutkaiselta, mutta Ranskalaisen Aïe Aïe Aïe -kollektiivin käsissä yksitoikkoisesta lemmenkierrostakin syntyy ilotulitus.Ma biche et mon lapin (peurani ja jänikseni) on hurmaavan ranskalaista ja hersyvän hauskaa esineteatteria, joka yllättää oivalluksillaan.Esiintyjät Julien Mellano ja Charlotte Blin kertovat tarinaa esineiden lisäksi myös ilmeillään ja rakentavat samalla uuden kerroksen tulkinnalle.Luottaisinko ennemmin kakkupaperimorsiamen viattomuuteen vai Blinin viekkaaseen hymyyn? Esineistöstä löytyy metsäneläimiksi muotoiltuja keksipurkkeja, pieniä pulloja ja kastikekulhoja.

Normandy has long been a place of high art and culture, too, especially beside the River Seine.

Following centuries of representations as a maleficent femme fatale, we have come to know her as the temptress who lured Adam and humanity to their downfall and introduced sin to the world.

The biblical text, however, is far less concrete about the “Mother of All Living” (Gen. In the Bible, Eve undergoes a character transformation from her introduction in Genesis 2 to the transgression episode when she eats the forbidden fruit in Genesis 3.

We are fortunate that enough evidence survives from the 11th and 12th centuries to provide insights into the lives, activities and roles expected of the women who married Normans, or who were themselves Norman and married into other ruling houses.

Chronicles such as the by Dudo of Saint-Quentin, and works by Orderic Vitalis, Amatus of Montecassino and Anna Comnena, furnish us with glimpses into how these women were regarded by their contemporaries.


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