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Q: I’ve read that it’s emotionally unchaste to pray with your significant other if you’re not married because prayer is an intensely intimate experience between you and God.

I’ve prayed the liturgy of the hours, chaplets of divine mercy, and rosaries with close friends daily, and we’ve discovered just how crucial that prayer has been to strengthening our friendship.

Christians often build their convictions about sexuality in reaction to our sex-saturated culture and not the Bible.

But the Bible offers a grand vision for sexuality that encompasses fundamentally good, God-imaging qualities deep within us that are present years before we ever get to an altar.

It's a time when people are at their most vulnerable, and openly discuss things that are weighing on their hearts.

She even went so far as to call it "spiritual intercourse." She thinks it's fine for unmarried couples to pray together with other believers in groups, but if they want to have a private session with the Lord—just the two of them—forget about it!

"It's not built upon the foundations that are important for a lasting relationship." Compassion Must Surpass Love in Lasting Relationships What exactly are those foundations? Shared visions of the importance of money, marriage, and children in their lives4.

In other words, the God-given impulses of my sexuality began setting God-glorifying trajectories toward marriage all the way back in Mrs.

So-and-So’s fifth grade English class when the perfume of the next girl over wafted past my peach-fuzzed upper lip and into my nostrils, causing me to think for the first time, “Man, girls aren’t so bad after all.

10 Things You Can Learn From Marriage Studies Karen Kropf, founder of the nonprofit organization, Positively Waiting, author of has much to say on the subject.

I interviewed her earlier this week, and she argued that prayer between couples can create a powerful and intense bond.


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