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I usually try to get a manicure once a week, but sometimes I don’t have time, so I do my nails at home instead. Source Also figure out which nude is best for your skin color. Source Make your own unique glitter polish (that also looks matte! Source Instead of paying for it at the salon, remove gel polish on your own. At-home manicures have the potential to be very messy and a little dangerous. That’s why I really rely on tips and hacks like the ones below. Source Make a peel-off base coat with glue if you’re going to be using glitter polish (which is difficult to take off). Source Make sure your fingernail clippings don’t go everywhere anymore (ew).

I’ve partnered with HSN to share some of my favorite pieces from the collection, paired with the OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass nail polishes.

Although it may sound silly, I have to admit that I am really obsessed with how my nails look. Source Use vinegar to make your polish last longer (just be careful of the smell). Source Make removing nail polish easier with this DIY remover jar.

I get anxious whenever my nails need to be filed or the polish is chipped – I generally feel a lot better about my overall appearance if my nails look nice. Source Dry your nails quickly by dipping them in cold water for 30 seconds. Source If your nails are discolored, use toothpaste to get them stainless. Source Lastly, follow these exact tips if you’re doing your own manicure at home.

How did I get through my teems with barely a breakout only to be cursed as an adult? Until this point, I’ve tried a ton of affordable skin care options to get things under control, but it’s time to get serious.

We only get one skin and I want to do what I can to erase my mistakes and prevent any further damage. This Cleveland-based skin care clinic has the latest in laser technology, including the only Pico Way Laser in Ohio.


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