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Please leave your name in the comments and let me know what brought you here and what the Bronx means to you. Bronxites can tell you what the neighborhood was life back in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, just as the exodus began.

I miss my home, the place where I trick or treated, lit Chanukah candles with grandpa, went to synagogue during the High Holidays and played in the same schoolyard my mother, my brother, and my uncle played in as children. Pat Morgan Please leave me a message letting me know where you found this page and if you are from the Bronx especially the old neighborhood. We lived there for only a short time - had to break our lease and move to Flushing, Queens to be near my dying mother-in-law. I have since been trying to locate a little red piano music theory book.

And frankly, it’s nearly impossible to meet someone new when the (stretched) radius of your circle of friends only extends out from “finance” to “consulting.” While consulting bitches do tend to be kind of freaky, I figured that it’d be nice to see what a fashion designer, PR chick, or a model would have to say about my new, elevated post within the business world. IIT really needs to open a school for cabbies, because these Sanjays we’re getting really aren’t up to snuff.

But finally, I walked into the parkside UES restaurant, checked my coat, verified my name, and made my way into the main area.

If you want to be kinder to your budget and still not look cheap, order two pots of tea and a few scones. Then, just sit down and talk about all the places you’d like to visit one day. Go International Take her on a tour of Europe in your own city.

Head on over to Sockerbit in the West Village, a candy shop that has all things Swedish!

A second version of a commemorative Peter Rabbit coin, which will not be in circulation, was on sale on the Royal Mint website for £55, but quickly sold out.

The bar had lots of little tables with paired, oval backed seats.

The general plushness felt like my dad’s den, or maybe even like a non-bicker eating club at Princeton.

The Bronx holds memories no other place can compare to, a place I discovered the movies, parades and the park. This page has a large number of hits and I am interested in hearing your Bronx stories. res=940DE4D6133CF933A15752C1A96E948260&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=3 ***** PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING ***** ***** All images are the property of Pat Morgan and may not be used, copied or reproduced without explicit owner's consent. Had a German couple as supers, who were real strict, but I broke my lease anyway. i too went to that school and took accordion lessons and used the same book .

Please contact me and we can discuss the copyright and licensing of the photos. 205th Street, between 1957-1967, across the street from a park that sloped down to Mosholu Pkwy. 1940 Mt Eden General hospital lived on Sheridan Ave across from William Howard Taft H. married in 1962 moved to North Bronx I consider myself so very lucky to have grown up in such a fantastic place 10 minutes from Yankee stadium (2 subway stops) living in Va. I grew up in further east on Crotona Avenue and E 181st Street. in fact there were two books, one little one on theory and a larger one for songs. i remember the school was up stairs and across the street from datch shopwell market.


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