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Renge has a rather strange and unique ability to appear from out of nowhere on a motorized platform that crackles with electricity as it rises while she laughs maniacally. When she isn't cosplaying, she is usually seen in the Ouran girls' uniform and wearing a hair bow.

A trait that Renge displays in both the anime and the manga is that, when she becomes extremely angry, she assumes the aspect of Medusa, with her hair transforming into snakes.

Just when I thought my obsession with was over, at least until the next volume of the manga was released, this has to come out. Also, go check out the CG shots that are available on the site after the jump.

The Ouran High School Host Club Visual Novel (aka video game) for Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS were developed and published by Idea Factory.

Bisco Hatori has also designed a new character, Leo Jean-Pierre, specifically for the game.

Leo is an old friend of Tamaki's who is making an appearance in the game, and who I suspect will try to seduce Haruhi.

What confuses me about this game is this is a dating sim, yet you play as Haruhi.

Renge is quite intelligent and driven; she is also very loud and outspoken.

れんげ, Hōshakuji Renge) is in Class 1-A with Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi.

Her home is in Paris, France but she transfers into Ouran Academy as a means of meeting Kyoya Ootori who, due to his close resemblance to a dating sim game character with whom Renge is infatuated, Renge decides he is her real life fiancé.

The Host Club itself is co-founded by Tamaki Suoh, son of the school's chairman, and his best friend, Kyoya Ootori, son of one of Japan's wealthiest and most elite families.

Suoh hand picks the members with variety of appeal in mind for their potential customers.


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