Myfaves not updating

I'll find out for you) they will provide 25 minutes and 50 texts, 100 minutes and 200 texts and 200 minutes and 400 texts respectively.

Of course these allowances don't compare particularly favourably to its standard Flext packages (Flext 30 currently costs £25pm and offers up to 900 minutes talk time) but if you do love to talk specifically to a close knit group of friends My Faves will serve you better.

In the last month it has added Sim-only monthly deals and Pay-per-day broadband and now it thinks it has found another neglected niche...

According to the network's research, Brits make almost 60 per cent of their monthly calls to an inner circle of just five people or less - clearly these are the main people in our lives so why not let us talk longer?

After T-Mobile introduced its new Even More plans, everyone was wondering why in the world T-Mobile had decided to get rid of their My Faves plans which many, including myself, loved.

For those interested, the proprietary home screen will be available on Samsung's U600 and D900i, Nokia's 6300 and Sony Ericsson's K770 and W880.

You guys asked for a post highlighting tips for finding awesome airbnbs, so here you go!!

After staying in my last airbnb, a shipping container on the beach, I’m going to have super high expectations for my next getaway. Contrary to what most people recommend, I try not to let dates or location hinder my search.

You can email the photos to us by replying to any of the emails we have sent to you and attaching the photos, or by sending them directly to [email protected]

Please ensure your listing ID is included within the email. If you have photos in a word doc, or pdf, please email them to us and we will be able to turn them into photo files for you.


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