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State officials ordered the offenders to leave Monday night after The Associated Press reported details of the unique arrangement, said Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren.

Many met with their probation officers Tuesday and were told that authorities were trying to find them hotels, shelters or other temporary places to live. It's like up and down, up and down," said Marque Miechurski, a 30-year-old convicted of child molestation who said Tuesday he found a temporary place to live.

Corrections spokeswoman Sharmelle Brooks said officers are working to help the offenders find "suitable housing." She said authorities are going "to great lengths to find approved locations, including lodges and faith-based facilities," but the few options that meet guidelines often cost more than the homeless can afford.

One of the men, William Hawkins, 34, said probation officials informed him of a hotel in Cherokee County that complies with the law, although he's uncertain how long he can afford to stay there.

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