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The piece — “John Mayer’s Love Life: A Timeline” — was entertaining, yes. I can’t remember exactly, but I’m sure I scribbled Ruth Mayer a few times on the cover of my spiral notebook. Bottom line: I am definitely a fan of John Mayer’s music. Most recently, his 2012 summer fling with recently divorced Katy Perry.

(Thanks, Natalie, for sending it to me.) But it didn’t answer the deep, hard-hitting questions that simply need to be asked. After a few weeks of dating, he decided he didn’t want a relationship.

After his appearance at the 2001 South by Southwest Festival, he was signed to Aware Records, and then Columbia Records, which released his first EP, Inside Wants Out.

His following two full-length albums—Room for Squares (2001) and Heavier Things (2003)—did well commercially, achieving multi-platinum status.

), the crowd at the Garden showed that his efforts to diversify musically have worked.

After their split, Mayer continued to play local clubs—refining his skills and gaining a following.

Swizz, a music producer, was previously married to the No Panties R&B singer Mashonda Tifrere, 33, whom he has a son with.

The union between Alicia and Swizz exploded in the media when Tifrere posted a letter online saying that Alicia had 'assisted in destroying a family,' and did a series of 'tell-all' interviews.

I wouldn't be able to love him otherwise,' said the 14-time Grammy winner'We are doing what is best for the children,' she added.

NEW YORK — With a guest appearance from Alicia Keys, sing-alongs galore and an intimate two-song acoustic performance on a small stage in the middle of the crowd, John Mayer's sold-out performance Wednesday night delivered everything a headlining spot at Madison Square Garden should.


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