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Since I wrote, No Nonsense Muscle Building, there is no need to dream of a muscular body that turns heads…Imagine how good you will feel about yourself when you finally have the confidence to approach any woman you spot in your class, on a night out, in the grocery store or in the gym (although I don’t recommend approaching girls in the gym).

Within the first 30 days of using No Nonsense Muscle Building, you’re embarrassingly small body parts will be replaced with rock-solid muscle making your body look like an Armour suit.

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Prevention is always better than cure.”Minister of National Development Khaw Boon Wan posted this message on his Facebook page on Tuesday, accompanied by photos of the simulation exercise.Michael Jordan is no stranger to ruffling feathers on the golf course. Classic.) Now he’s breaking country club rules and wearing pants with too many pockets!You may remember a year ago when Jordan’s neighbors were complaining about him before he even moved into his mansion on a Florida golf course. From the New York Post: “Michael was wearing cargo pants on the course,” said a spy.Because if there is one thing for sure, whether it be right or whether it be Gordian Knottedly twatted, the Basically, we're boys grown big who love to wax flummox at beautiful women.Whereas Matt Ufford is scuzz-baggery bipedalized.***** Now, I will leave it to PK's readers and our new resident muse (and master) to comment on these observations; to run my rant through the gauntlet of objective harmfulness and harmful objectification to vindicate me if I emerge free of the slimy stigmata branding that leathery scudge, or re-educate me if I am measured and weighed and found wanting of gallantry (Or harmless buffoonery. But in my defense, I will excite you now with the revelation that I not only described this current event conundrum, the Psychedelic Kimochi custom and my intent to place yet another installment of that illustrious tradition in in which I berate that douchebag Matt Ufford for his posting of Ms. I’ll admit it first, and I bet you can relate that it’s next to impossible to figure out what kind of a physique woman are REALLY attracted too. To date, I have figured out the exact number but I’m starting to see that “bigger” is not definitely better. I’ve dated girls, when I was 170 pounds 5% body fat and I’ve dated girls when I was 205 pounds 5% body fat and both groups of girls said, that every one of my buddies respects and that every woman finds attractive, especially my girlfriend 🙂We all KNOW it exists but the question remains: How Much Muscle Do You Need To Be More Appealing Than Others?“He was given the chance to change but he didn’t want to,” a source said.The source added that Jordan, who was enjoying a round at the club with one of its members, played on anyway.Stokke's photo, and for his attaching to it so cretinous, so unskilled and so illiterate a caption that he may ever so soonly be recruited as one of Mitt Romney's speech writers (in the next 18 months, soonly)...I also regaled several of my illustrious female feminist colleagues at the tour d'ivoire we all attend with a viewing of, and introduction to, this wondrous (yet humble) weblog and several distinct examples of the Kimochi tradition.****** And I am pleased, if not surprised, to report that the Aweinspiringly Intelligent Feminists actually enjoyed our site and shared the following comments on our Kimochi tradition: : "Well, you guys are idiots, but it's a lot different than the Stokke thing.You're all just dumb and treading water in a pond of adolescent foreclosure. Rats.) In conclusion, I would like to assault our readers with two final observations: In a sad overreaction to this clusterfest, the Wikipedia page for Allison Stokke has been removed.


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