Invalidating a session in

n/a API addition Need to expand the session API to support invalidating all sessions for a user, and make that an API back-ends need to support in some way. has this already so is it just a case of calling that on password changes?

Because of that requirement for back-ends to support it, this is not something that can readily be added in 8.1.x so must be added to 8.0.x None For drupal 7 there are contrib solutions that work only for SQL session storage: https:// original report was part of the Drupal 8 bug bounty[email protected], @effulgentsia, and I discussed this issue this morning. Need to make sure the user doesn't get logged out due to that though from their current session.

Assume I realize I left myself logged into a shared computer to my Drupal site account. However, the session on the shared computer is NOT invalidated and anyone with access to that machine continues to have access to my Drupal site account.

Add to the session API a method that allows invalidating all sessions based on username or uid.

In a previous article I discussed about methods used for session tracking.

It has fundamental information about what a session is and how to manage it. Just to recap, session is a conversion between a server and a client.

It may or may not provide with more features of luxury but the minimum is guaranteed.

You cannot reliably handle it client-side only, if only because the client can disappear abruptly without any trace (user's laptop battery is empty, user is roaming in a car/train and goes out of range of a station, user's machine or browser crashes, user is evil and kills his browser just to annoy you... What if we don't keep the session at the server side?What can be an alternative solution to invalidate a user session on browser closure ?Session (in)validation is usually a server concept: a session is "valid" as long as the server considers it to be valid, i.e.When specified time ( 1 minute) is passed, I check the session availabilty as below: if(Session(false) == null) // redirect to login page This code doesn't seem to work and user is allowed to continue with his session after timeout period.However, If I set some attribute (say user)in session object during session creation and check for null value of the attribute after one minute, I get null and do the following: if((String)Session(false)Attribute("user")== null) // redirect to login page This code works fine.Yes I'm also confused,! Here's a quick patch to show the kind of interface change we might need. Also makes me wonder if we should be using uuid instead of uid to track sessions - would be nicer for external integrations [email protected], I see - so that might work to keep the used logged in, but it looks like you might lose any session data if you did that?Thus there will always be a session object present.What you can do instead is this: 1) When the session starts (the first page of your web-app), insert an object in the session.If you can capture a closure event, then that's good. two minutes) and have some Javascript running in the background of the page to do some regular hidden "keep-alive" activity with the server (e.g.every 90 seconds) as long as the corresponding tab/window is open.


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