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Ever since you were a little kid, you've always considered yourself to be an introvert.While most of your friends would probably shudder at the prospect of a quiet night spent alone, that type of scene has never really bothered you; in fact, you might even consider solidarity to be your comfort zone. You value your alone time because it encourages thought — that which you apply to your daily life.Someone who is introverted has a hard time talking, and it’s even more difficult for them to be flirty.It doesn’t mean he isn’t interested, but a man that has an introverted personality has a hard time complimenting his woman and doing any type of goofy flirting.The most important key is to embrace your natural self.At the end of the day, women will always be attracted to authenticity — whether it comes in the form of an introverted or extraverted man.

But what’s it like to DATE a man who is introverted?Just because you're introverted doesn't mean you're opposed to the idea of company — you simply value your alone time.Still, in the eyes of most members of society, introversion is viewed as a setback of sorts.It's worth it, because successful introverts have exactly what women are hungering for.When you accept the hidden treasure in your introverted boyfriend, you can maximize the connection by boosting his natural strengths.We’ve come up with a list of must-know things and tips and even WARNINGS about dating someone who is introverted.You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find. Someone who is introverted doesn’t like to be around people too often.Being an introvert can make life a little bit harder and dating tends to be one of the most difficult things to cope with for shy guys.It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that your inclination to blush easily, sweat profusely and stutter your sentences when talking to someone you find attractive are sure to mess with your dating life. Believe it or not, some women are attracted to shy guys because, unlike lots of men, they don’t tend to be arrogant, self-assured, or assuming. These are all signs that they are attracted to you.It's commonly preached that the most extraverted, sociable people are the ones who prosper in the real world — whether it pertains to dating or the job market.Many consider introverted people to be meek and weaker than those who are more outgoing.


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