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They're so big that for years I never had the courage to tackle this intimidating font.But when fellow signmaker Frank Smith laid the groundwork for this intriguing typeface by Frank H.If you have a good understanding of the ideas you want to communicate, congratulations! Typography may be an art, but what makes it unique is that its primary purpose (arguably) is to be readable.The primary way that we engage with typography is through reading it.

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They can look great for both elaborate and minimalist background designs creating breathtaking projects for commercial and personal use.

Either sans or serif designs can be used as long as they avoid any extremes that could impair readability.

For example: • Don’t use condensed or expanded typefaces, which make character recognition more difficult.

Here are some ideas we’ve gathered up for some font pairing for inspiration.

Raleway (51, Bolded, All Caps, Centered, #747676), Yellow Tail (51, Lower Case, Regular, Centered, #747676), Raleway (28, Bolded, All Caps, Centered, #d3e0d1)Once you get your thoughts and ideas together and decide on a mood, trying to find the best font for your design should be a walk in a park. We’re hoping this post inspired you to create some great graphics.


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