Intimidating a witness sentencing guidelines

You are able to take out your phone, take a picture of the perpetrator, and call 911.

When the police arrive, you give them the information that you witnessed, and three months later you get a subpoena to appear and testify in court.

“If I see you in court, you’ll be sorry.”“If you testify against me, I’ll kill you and your family.”Imagine the following situation: it is late at night, and you are leaving the grocery store to a mostly deserted parking lot.

As you are unpacking your groceries, you are the witness to a carjacking.

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Offence-specific guidelines refer to three sentencing levels within the community order band based on offence seriousness (low, medium and high).

See below for non-exhaustive examples of requirements that might be appropriate in each.

The police have also been charging those accused of domestic assault and battery with intimidation of a witness if the accused attempted to prevent the spouse from calling the police.

As with nearly all criminal statutes, law enforcement has abused its discretion by charging the accused with witness intimidation where the charge is without merit.


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