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There are those who make up the dark, cold star at the centre of this mess, inventing lies and generating the abuse; and then there are those orbiting on the icy edge of this system, who often sincerely believe that they are part of a consumer boycott movement, and who see no contradiction in condemning the hatred they see while putting forward the false arguments that are used to justify the abuse in the first place. (And sometimes, it's possible to feel sorry for them.

Rarely, but it is.) Tweet anything critical of the larger movement with the hashtag "#Gamer Gate" and, very quickly, a user will find themselves hit with a torrent of defenders arguing their case, armed with myriad videos and screenshots as evidence.

Was literally on the edge of my seat for the entire 60 minutes. Among the least titillating books about sex you’ll ever read. I was unsure about this one until about 1/3 through but persisted because it’s Michael Lewis. It’s not entirely fair that he does the site better than I do, but I’m glad he does. Not their best season, but I’m sad to see it go nonetheless. Despite some updates on the continuing decline of the world’s glaciers and the link between climate change and the recent Zika virus outbreak, the focus this time is less on science than on politicking. “Is this the first self-fireballing in Gruber’s history?

I can watch TV characters do all sorts of horrible things to each other — lie, cheat, steal, betray, kill — but apparently epically bad parenting is my last straw. The final episode contains one of the best scenes I’ve ever watched on TV and was just fantastic all around. I always enjoy Tim’s residencies here, but this one made me clap my hands in joy and stomp my feet in a jealous rage. Taking over for Davis Guggenheim, the directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk largely abandon the framing device of Gore’s lecture (which he and his international team of trainees continue to give regularly) in favor of a nimbler, more on-the-go approach. Update: A pal just alerted me that Daring Fireball is having difficulty serving pages, something that usually only happens to sites DF features.

In a kind of digital version of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, tenaciously dull videogame truthers have met their match in an inexhaustibly interested chat program coded 50 years ago.

The Gamer Gate "scandal" continues to rumble onwards, with furious video game players continuing to protest that their misogynistic, abusive, death threat-generating consumer protest movement is actually about "ethics in video game journalism".

I started playing it a few weeks ago and now I am addicted to it for absolutely no good reason. Other interesting data points: - Teens don’t know what Zara and Uniqlo are. - Buzzfeed is only slightly cooler than Ford and Chevrolet, which are both cooler than HBO. ) I never saw the original when I was a kid but somehow knew all the songs anyway? It’s a couple of dozen light-years across, and sits well over a thousand light-years from Earth.

Challenge that one, they move to another, and then another, and then they might even switch back to the first point, phrased slightly differently. The natural human instinct, when faced with something that's a massive time waster, is to automate it.

Microsoft’s attempt to engage millennials via an artificially intelligent “chatbot” called Tay has failed miserably after trolls made the bot spew offensive comments.

The brainchild of Microsoft's Technology and Research and Bing teams, Tay was designed to engage and entertain people when they connect with each other online. S., Tay aimed to use casual and playful conversation via Twitter and messaging services Kik and Group Me.

It wasn’t long before trolls were teaching Tay to make unpleasant comments.

The Washington Times reports that after repeating racist comments, she then incorporated the language into her own tweets.


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