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In its first season, the series starred Daniel Benzali as defense attorney Theodore (Ted) Hoffman, a criminal litigator and the principal of his own firm, Hoffman and Associates.

Backed by a cadre of young associates, Hoffman was a gruff, masterful criminal lawyer who zealously represented his clients in high-profile cases. Somewhat unusual for a television drama of its time, the first season of the series revolved around a single high-profile criminal case.

Authors of successful TESS proposals have exclusive right to TESS data for one year after the data from their studies are delivered to them.

Consequently, only studies fielded more than one year ago are listed on this site.

Sometime after the conclusion of Murder One Bochco ended his longtime relationship with Fox and moved his production company over to Paramount, making Murder One his last production with Fox for over a decade.

In 1997, TV Guide ranked the first episode, "Chapter 1", #60 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.

We granted Defendant David Haidle's application for interlocutory appeal to review the district court's partial denial of his motion to suppress evidence obtained at his home through execution of a magistrate court search warrant. This case is complicated by the fact that the affidavit indicates multiple levels of hearsay from unidentified sources. Under the first prong of the test, relating to a hearsay source's veracity, we ask whether the affidavit provides a “substantial basis for believing the informant,” Cordova, 109 N. at 214, 784 P.2d at 33; accord Rule 5–211(E) (A search warrant affidavit must contain “a substantial basis for believing the source of the hearsay to be credible.”). But these five matters support only a suspicion that Defendant possibly had a role in Victim's death or that evidence could be in his home.

Buckels, Assistant Public Defender, Albuquerque, NM, for Appellant. OPINION In this case, we address the use of multiple levels of anonymous hearsay reports in the probable cause portion of a search warrant affidavit. App.1973) (applying the veracity and basis of knowledge test to double hearsay); see also Cordova, 109 N. We must determine whether the affidavit sets forth a substantial basis for independently reviewing all the levels of hearsay through which Defendant's statement or statements allegedly traveled. 2, 36–37, or where an informant's tip “constitutes an admission that the informant was involved in illegal activity,” id. In support of its current position, the State points to several statements the affidavit alleges Defendant made to police, that Victim's blood could be in his bathroom, that Victim stole from him, that he had sex with Victim, and that he owned a baseball bat that was his weapon of choice; and the State also relies on the representation by the affiant that Defendant's home was near the place where Victim's body was discovered.

Defendant also told the detective that Victim stole some of his tools and other property. Third, that Defendant paid Victim for sex adds little or nothing to the substantial evidence required to support probable cause.We affirm the district court's determination that the search warrant was invalid, but we reverse the ruling that the inevitable discovery doctrine would make the unlawfully seized carpet evidence admissible. BACKGROUND On January 19, 2009, the decomposed body of Tiffany Lauer–Ventura was found dumped in a remote area near Los Lunas. We therefore must conduct a two-prong analysis as to each representation made by each hearsay source, recognizing that more than one level of hearsay can support a search warrant affidavit provided each source meets both the veracity and basis of knowledge tests. Defendant's admission that Victim's blood may have been in his bathroom fails to illustrate how her blood was evidence of a homicide instead of evidence of drug use.The medical examiner determined that she was killed by violent blunt-force trauma to the head. Lacking this context, we are left only with Defendant's acknowledgment that Victim may have left blood in his bathroom at some time in their relationship.Murder One is an American legal drama television series that first aired on the ABC network in the United States in 1995.The series was created by Steven Bochco, Charles H. Like many of Bochco's previous series, Murder One was produced in association with 20th Century Fox Television.Stanley Tucci played Richard Cross, a charming but morally ambiguous philanthropist and the first man arrested for the murder of Jessica Costello.Bobbie Phillips played Julie Costello, the murder victim's sister and the girlfriend of Richard Cross.Sociodemographic factors were associated with both socioemotional competence and behavioral problems.Deficits in socioemotional competence were also associated with neuromotor abnormalities and cognitive and language function Pay Per Article - You may access this article (from the computer you are currently using) for 2 days for US.00Regain Access - You can regain access to a recent Pay per Article purchase if your access period has not yet expired.RESULTS: Thirty-five percent (873) of children had behavioral problems, and 26% (637) displayed deficits in socioemotional competence.Male sex, public insurance, mothers with less than a high school education, and lower maternal age were associated with behavioral problems.


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