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Register for to find a new love or friendship; someone into walking, skiing or mountaineering; climbing, scrambling and mountain biking; or maybe you are a water person with sailing and canoeing as your main interest.

Membership costs just £4.99 per month and opens up a network of invaluable contacts.

I started this site in response to a need I perceived when speaking to single "outdoorsy" friends.

Teaching kids about the skills of consent can help reduce sexual coercion, harassment, and even assault. Attitudes and beliefs formed during these critical years will most likely affect how they treat their dating partners now and in the future.

You can use the video and accompanying discussion guides (one for PARENTS, one for GROUP FACILITATORS) to spark conversations with teens about respectful relationships, the importance of consent, and how teens can ask for and give consent in their friendships and dating relationships. Not all 11-16 year olds are dating, but most have probably thought about what it means to be in a dating relationship.

Once completed, please enter the combined results into this simple online DATA COLLECTION TOOL.

People avoid friendships and dating across these political divides.

Research by Shanto Iyengar and my other colleagues finds that many Democrats and Republicans wouldn’t want their child to marry a supporter of the other party.

That’s a great question, and the literature has many answers.

Some emphasize party elites; others focus on psychology.


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