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“The arrangements for closing down unregistered schools are inadequate,” he said.

Sir Michael revealed that Ofsted had investigated 28 claims since September that unregistered schools had been set up and that, in 15 cases educating more than 800 pupils, they had discovered an illegally set up school.

A person with HD will typically live 10-25 years after symptoms become apparent.

Huntington's disease is a lethal condition that causes progressive neural degeneration.

Affected individuals often experience mental and behavioral changes including paranoia, hallucinations and dementia, as well as physical symptoms such as difficulty walking, slurred speech, and jerky movements.

Unregistered providers are allowed to charge for upto 2hrs per day ie 1hr 59 mins.

I do not agree with using unregistered care as there are no insurances or peadiatric first aid certs. Unregistered providers are allowed to charge for upto 2hrs per day ie 1hr 59 mins.


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