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The Le Bail method optimize a fit to powder diffraction data treating reflection intensities as arbitrary.

This presentation is a Flash movie lecture that introduces the Le Bail method, explains why it can be valuable and discusses tools and strategies for Le Bail fits with GSAS.

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Each of these images link to an update such as the fire agate knife complete with base meticulously constructed from fire agate, silver, gold, and black jade.

Also new to the site is our Galapagos Island themed carvings. Ryszard Krukowski Jr Fire Agate Art Studio specializes in the cutting of Fire Agate.

We make custom jewelry and have a large inventory of Fire Agate rough for sale from Slaughter Mountain, Mexico and Deer Creek locations.

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These lectures introduce concepts in crystallography, such as the lattice, symmetry, single-crystal and powder diffraction, crystal structure determination and refinement.Allegro contains an object-oriented dialog manager, which was originally based on the Atari GEM system (form_do(), objc_draw(), etc: old ST programmers will know what we are talking about :-) You can use the GUI as-is to knock out simple interfaces for things like the test program and grabber utility, or you can use it as a basis for more complicated systems of your own.Allegro lets you define your own object types by writing new dialog procedures, so you can take complete control over the visual aspects of the interface while still using Allegro to handle input from the mouse, keyboard, joystick, etc.A GUI dialog is stored as an array of DIALOG objects, read chapter "Structures and types defined by Allegro" for an internal description of the DIALOG structure.The array should end with an object which has the proc pointer set to NULL.Each object has a flags field which may contain any combination of the bit flags: D_EXIT - this object should close the dialog when it is clicked D_SELECTED - this object is selected D_GOTFOCUS - this object has got the input focus D_GOTMOUSE - the mouse is currently on top of this object D_HIDDEN - this object is hidden and inactive D_DISABLED - this object is greyed-out and inactive D_DIRTY - this object needs to be redrawn D_INTERNAL - don't use this! D_USER - any powers of two above this are free for your own use Each object is controlled by a dialog procedure, which is stored in the proc pointer.This will be called by the dialog manager whenever any action concerning the object is required, or you can call it directly with the object_message() function.The hybrids, which contain an integrated circuit with a defined address and a semiconductor temperature sensor, are electrically connected by a flat flexible cable.The cable can measure temperatures in a -40°C to 85°C (for short periods 200°C) range, with a resolution of 0,1°.In the other updates we revealed the fire agate dragon bolo tie conceptualized by Ryszard Jr, and constructed by Ryszard Krukowski Sr.The scales are a mosaic of fire agate, and the central stone can be rotated.


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