Dating simulator 6 2 zip

When you play it, please don't settle for just one ending! I bet she's gonna look beautiful LOLI used this video to learn how to code the game: Try out all the different options and experience all the different endings. v=h58CKf…And this one to learn how to edit stuff like the title screen and junk: I'm not sure why anyone would even wanna take credit for this terrible game, but I'm just writing those rules because I can't be too careful. I didn't make this with Flash, so I can't make this playable online. : This is the funniest thing that i have played for a long time XD!!Possible questions that may be asked:#1: "I don't want to download it! I made it with a program called Ren'Py, and you can only save Ren'Py games as EXE files. I have tried every ending (I think i have done all them) and I laughed a lot.A winter's ball Picture edits Thomas Jefferson More dialogue More choices Very few edits to previous game Less spelling errors (hopefully) **When you reach the end, it will give an error message. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SAVE WHEN YOU CLOSE THE GAME OR YOUR WEB BROWSER.

You dont say a price so people head over top get the game thinking its free on newgropunds then its free there as well.

A framework is a set of Ren'Py script files that adds large amounts of new functionality to Ren'Py.

At the cost of having to learn the (potentially idiosyncratic) way the framework does things, using a framework lets you create new types of games with Ren'Py.

6 routes (Including 2 gay routes) Hamilton as an actual sprite and not just a picture I found on the internet Awkward Dialogue Etc… She's really cool, and is working on the character sprites and cg's for the game!

Here's her Tumblr, in case you want to message them.


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