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This Hawaiian Culver City eatery from the Roy Choi is an Asian-fusion collaboration in a totally refurbished IHOP, hopped up with a picnic-type patio and light wood-clad walls.Food's meant to be utensil-optional, with inventive dishes like green curry and a poké sampler including choices like tuna with gochujang sauce, sesame leaves & oil, cabbage, seaweed, and nori, as well as tuna with kukui nut chili pesto and Parmesan. It’s a straight-out-of-the-20s speakeasy with a tinge of old-school Parisian boudoir. This is not the place to see and be seen, but rather, the place to hide amongst the scene, with live music, craft cocktails, and paranormal activity from the ghosts of Hollywood past.Housed in a 1920s flatiron building and once owned by John Wayne -- and is rumored to be where the Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz partied after filming -- the Culver Hotel is something of a Hollywood novelty. This upscale eatery, located inside the Omni Hotel, specializes in Californian cuisine.You don't have to be a hotel guest to hit up their amazing brunch, which gets you buffet access with a carving station, seafood, and mimosas.So, two years ago, we let you know about 60-something all-you-can-drink brunches in LA.Then last year, we found some more, and expanded the list. Quaternary geochronology and distribution of Mammuthus on the Colorado Plateau.

Racism and hatred of women go hand in hand, so unbelievably so, that intersectionality is the most important thing that has come out of our generation. Being a young band, you may be labelled as a millennial band, how do you associate/do you associate yourself with millennials? I think once our record comes out it’s going to be very clear we have the attention span and the interest span of millennials.

to be able to do that, not a lot of people get to do that, so I am super grateful. When it comes to feminism, it’s really important for people to understand both on the surface what it is, and underneath, like all these weird undertones.

I love what I do and I love that I get to do what I do, so it’s been super awesome. There are a ton of things that people should understand about feminism, it takes five minutes to look up. Becker: Yeah, and look up “intersectionality” if you look up feminism, because it is just as important.

Molecular phylogeny, classification, and biogeography of snakes of the Family Leptotyphlopidae (Reptilia, Squamata).

New absolute dates and comparisons for California's Mammuthus exilis.


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