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Afifi (Eds.), Uncertainty and information regulation in interpersonal contexts: Theories and applications. Ting-Toomey (Eds.), The Sage handbook of conflict communication (pp. We assess the role of communication in developing, maintaining, and dissolving relationships, how communication impacts partners and their relationships, and how to improve relational quality or individual well-being through communication. Recent topics examined include conflict mediation, relational standards, relational uncertainty in dating relationships, and communication environments in families. Effects of communication-debilitating illnesses and injuries on close relationships: A relational maintenance perspective.

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Why people conceal or reveal secrets: A multiple goals theory perspective. looks to social and economic factors as the causes of crime and deviance.Unlike functionalists, conflict theorists don’t see these factors as positive functions of society.These same laws are detrimental to the working class.Both groups commit acts of deviance, but the system the capitalists created defines deviance differently for each group.He labeled the workers who depended on the bourgeois for employment and survival the proletariat.Marx believed that the bourgeois centralized their power and influence through government, laws, and other authority agencies in order to maintain and expand their positions of power in society.The capitalist class, or elite, consists of those in positions of wealth and power who own the means of production or control access to the means of production.The working class consists of relatively powerless individuals who sell their labor to the capitalist class.Marx believed that the general population was divided into two groups.He labeled the wealthy, who controlled the means of production and business, the bourgeois.


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