Coleen garcia and gab valenciano dating

Asked if it is important for two people who were in a relationship to have a formal closure, Garcia said: “My ex just got up and left the country. I’m not the kind of person who holds any grudges, who actually entertains any negative thoughts about other people,” she said.

I think it’s not important.” Further elaborating on her answer, Garcia explained: “I think that at that moment, it could be [important] depending on the situation. Just respect for the other person, it would be nice if you actually get that closure. Two years since their breakup, Garcia said whatever she and Valenciano had is already a thing in the past.

But of course, he's happy for the couple now and hopes the best for them.

Sa sobrang daming pressure na nilalagay sa relationship namin, away kami ng away. Showbiz pa, aalis siya and we have different goals,” Coleen said.

Long-distance relationship She added, “We're at the same stage of our lives na paangat pa lang kami.

It was with Gab and I feel like it left the biggest impact because it was such an intense relationship. Garcia is currently in a relationship with Billy Crawford, while Valenciano married blogger-host Tricia Centenera.

By that, I mean the highs were very high and the lows were low,” Garcia said in an interview with Boy Abunda for “The Bottomline” which was aired on Saturday.


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