Cheryl cole now dating

Indeed: there's new music on the horizon for the "I Don't Care" crooner...allegedly.

"The former Girls Aloud singer marks 15 years in the industry next year after exploding on the scene with Girls Aloud on ITV show Pop Stars: The Rivals," Wootton disclosed.

But I just am." She has had 8 tattoos, including a few which have since been covered: Cheryl has a small red heart tattoo just below the base of her nail bed on her left middle finger.

Some of them were impatient, and at the same, excited to see photos, while some speculate that the singer may have already given birth and the shoot with Vivanco was for the mother and her baby.

Vivanco’s Cheryl Cole Instagram teaser photo was not the only photo involving the singer/actress that was deleted after it was posted on social media.

Though she has said that her favorite tattoo “changes daily,” she mentioned this one as a favorite in a 2010 interview with The Guardian.

Cheryl, who’s maiden name is Cheryl Tweedy, got this “Mrs C” tattoo on the back of her neck after getting married to football player Ashley Cole in 2006 and changing her last name to Cole. She told The Guardian that she does not plan to remove this tattoo, saying Cheryl Cole revealed a HUGE floral tattoo covering her entire lower back and buttocks in August 2013.


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