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She leaned against the corner of the sink to examine her makeup. "Mmm..." Suddenly, the door creaked open and Leila practically jumped away from the sink. It was like they were begging, just begging for the tip of Leila's tongue... Their tongues swirled together and Rosia's hands made their way up to the small of Leila's neck. She started on the outside, moving inwards slowly, kissing, sucking, biting.

A woman Leila hadn't seen before entered and gave her a brief smile. She either didn't know what Leila had been doing, or she was too polite to imply. She grabbed Leila with a sudden urgency, pulling her head back, forcing their lips to part. Leila grinned at Rosia and pulled her hair out of its updo. "To ever get this exclusive pleasure." She moved the fabric of the sheath dress aside, exposing Leila's breast, her nipples erect. Leila's nipple seemed to grow harder by the second, screaming for the contact of Rosia's tongue. Rosia licked under the nipple, slowly, teasing, watching Leila squirm. She close her lips over Leila's areola, and slid her tongue over her nipple, up and down, pulling all the while.

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