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Edric Ashley, a light-wheel vehicle mechanic, from Houston, indicates where the motor to the windshield washer fluid is found under the hood of a humvee, here, Sept. It is below the reservoir for windshield wiper fluid.A rocket attack on a camp of Iranian exiles in Iraq is a despicable and callous crime, Amnesty International said as it called for an immediate investigation, urgent protection and assistance for the camp’s residents.Several caravans in the camp were set on fire, according to Shahriar Kia.

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Officials stated there was an argument at the Camp Liberty Combat Stress Center and Russell was being escorted back to his unit at Camp Stryker when he took an unsecured M16 rifle from his escort, drove back to the clinic, and opened fire on unarmed personnel.

Diverse opinions converged through dialogue, and evolved to what was acceptable to all members; thus, the enormous efforts by the Iranian regime to create rifts among the ranks of the PMOI and to overwhelm Ashraf failed.

Foreigners were also astounded at the high morale in Ashraf.

At PM local time, Military Police at Camp Liberty received a report that shots had been fired at the Camp Liberty clinic.

Witnesses at the scene saw Russell using an M16A2 rifle.


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