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Top: Aerial view of Central Business District (CBD) in Kumasi and private housing estates in Kumasi; Bottom left: Kumasi Sports Stadium, Bottom: Ghana Commercial Bank (GBC) Building in Kumasi, Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Museum in Kumasi and luxury real estates in a city in Ashanti Region, and is among the largest metropolitan areas in Ghana.The bullies in the Ghanaian society, be they the nouveau riche, educated ones with higher paper qualifications, people with elevated royal prestige, or macho men, do often have that self-centred arrogance to threateningly question those appearing vulnerable in the society but who for once stand up to them, saying, do you know who I am?Former President Jerry John Rawlings has revealed that there had been times in the past when he had felt like leaving the party he founded, and moving on but the plight of the plight of good people in the party had held him at bay.Kumasi is alternatively known as "The Garden City" because of its many beautiful species of flowers and plants. The city rose to prominence in 1695 when it became capital of the Ashanti Confederacy due to the activities of its ruler Osei Tutu.The ruler of Kumasi, known as the Asantehene, also served as ruler of the Confederacy.Kumasi is near Lake Bosomtwe, in a rain forest region, and is the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of Asanteman.Kumasi is approximately 500 kilometres (300 mi) north of the Equator and 200 kilometres (100 mi) north of the Gulf of Guinea.

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- and yet, the vast array of potential difficulties do not end there.Lady Mary Alice Hodgson, the first English lady to visit Ashanti, wrote "The Siege of Kumasi" an account of the siege of the fort by the nationals of Ashanti Confederation Ashantiland and of the subsequent march to the coast.) In 1926, following the return of the Ashanti king, Prempeh I after a 30-year exile Kumasi was restored as the ceremonial control over the Ashanti sub-states and the full role of king was restored by the colonial administration in 1935.The city holds an important place in the history of the Ashanti people, as legend claims that it was here Okomfo Anokye received the golden stool, an embodiment of the soul of the Ashanti nation Ashanti.Most patients have had their conditions worsened by the mere fact that they sought to manage their condition in a health facility.Television rights holders of the Ghana Premier League, Star Times, have apologized for their inability to bring week 17 games of the Ghana Premier League to our television audience all over the country.Pam (USA) Report N2 (added on March, 4, 2013) Alexander Malls James claims to be an officer in the Army in Kabul, Afghanistan.He's also used a military diplomatic name of Charles Duke Haggard Lamptey based in Accra, Ghana. He tells women he is about to come home to Georgia in USA. Sherri (USA) Report N4 (added on May, 24, 2013) Asked for new phone and money.Ekow Spio-Garbrah says the founder of his party, former President Rawlings has his own right to express his view on the cause of the party’s defeat in the 2016 general elections.Former President Jerry Rawlings has revealed for the first time that he fired Mr Victor Smith as his Secretary years ago because the former Ambassador to the UK wanted to divert campaign funds which some Nigerians in the United States wanted to wire to the campaign team of Prof John Evans Atta Mills ahead of Ghana’s 2008 elections through him (Rawlings).With their 1701 victory over Denkyira the Asante confederacy became the primary state among the Ashantis.Parts of the city, including the then royal residence, were destroyed by British troops in the Third Anglo-Ashanti War of 1874.


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