Becoming bitter about dating

These statements were about a valid social expectation where a man could expect to be rewarded for following those expectations. They didn’t know the social contract between the genders was broken (link below).The rewards were typically respect and a relationship with a woman. Though it was slow, men started to figure out that something was rotten in Denmark.A few months back, I was at a bar with some friends, and we were talking about girls. When I got home, I wondered at my strong response, and sat down to think about why I was affected so much by this idiot’s babbling.One of the guys, an acquaintance, started ranting about how easy women had it. I was surprised to discover something I didn’t like: he reminded me of myself, many years ago.But at some point in our social history those rewards became less and less. Ever increasing numbers of men began the process of learning that they had been betrayed by the pretty lies of cancerous social expectations. Read M3’s legendary post about being involuntarily celibate for 12 years (link below). In their expression of anger, a lot of ornery meanness came out. The problem is that as new men enter the Red Pill pipeline, they go through the anger phase.

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What do you think I might be able to do differently?I strove to be the best, and constantly improved my game.I got better and better until one day, I realized I was winning all the tournaments in Canada.Signs that you’re getting bitter about dating Examples: You don’t believe a word anyone says in their profile for fear that it’s all lies anyhow; you schedule a couple of dates on the same day because you’ve lost faith that either one will be worth the trouble; you act sarcastic or get defensive on dates; you ask questions or make comments as if you’re testing the other person; you secretly fear that everyone you go on a date with is already being intimate with several other people; and you cancel a fair share of first dates because you doubt any date will actually result in a relationship you’d want.If you find yourself feeling bitter, it’s time to 1) be honest that you’ve become bitter about the whole dating process, and 2) create a plan to improve your mood about dating so that you attract good and sane people into your life. Be clear about whether you want to casually date or whether you’re ready to set up house soon if you meet the right person.When I was in my early 20’s, dateless and going through life alone, I also felt bitter and resentful towards women.I got rejected a lot, I was lonely, and this frustration came out in the form of “women are all bitches, and only date losers.” I played more and more videogames, and interacted less and less with women, in order to distance myself from the pain.Here are some of those examples of those lies: “Be nice, be yourself” “Man up!(to do a woman’s bidding)” “Women don’t do those kind of things” “Work hard and sacrifice” “Be more in touch with your emotions and express them more” “Never, ever judge a woman” In days or yore, these were not lies.People get angry when they don’t get something that they really, really want.If you’re one of those people who’s been duking it out in the dating world – date after date, trying to find someone who sticks – you can reach a point where you start getting angry. In the same way that you’d be irritated if you had sent out resumes without ever getting an interview, going on lots of dates without finding a lasting relationship can cause the nicest and happiest of men and women to become a little bitter.


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