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He dashed into the diner, with a baseball cap pulled low - but, left a fawn French Bulldog locked in the car.

These stars prove that you can't "look" Latino—because all Latinos look very different.The Quadrado is what makes this place so singularly compelling. It’s why he and Maisani sought out designed and local real-estate expert, Wilbert Das, to secure a vacant lot – a long strip of land with a lush assortment of mango, cacao, jackfruit, banana and acai trees, the magazine describes.The property was divided into four pavilions – a colonial-style cottage, two center guest bungalows and a two-story tree house near the pool. “I didn’t want the place to look fancier than the other buildings in town,” Cooper said.Torrents (Zip n dl / download individual files) 40 other premium filehosts.They are also offering a 30-day instant money back guarantee and incognito mode downloads to make your downloads 100% anonymous.“In the late afternoon, the kids started playing soccer, the horsemen began to return from the fields, and the lights came on in the little fishermen’s cottages.It’s hard to explain the attraction, but I just sat there, spellbound.” The well-travelled CNN anchor said Trancoso is like something he had never seen around the world – he described it as a “real place, not a Potemkin village for tourists.” “Most people want homes on the beach, but you can find beautiful beaches all over the world.Anderson Cooper says he was inspired to build a house in the Brazilian town of Trancoso just hours after visiting in 2013.His partner Benjamin Maisani and friend Andy Cohen, who were along for the trip, thought he had lost his mind. “I put my bags down in the bungalow where we were staying, I walked out onto the porch overlooking the Quadrado, the town square, and I just watched for a couple of hours,” Cooper recalled in the newest issue of Architectural Digest.Cooper admits that he doesn’t visit Casa Anderson as much as he would like because his job keeps him in New York City – except when he needs to cover events around the world – but he does keep a picture of the Quadrado in his office. Just knowing that my house exists makes me happy,” he said.Benjamin Maisani must be riding high right now, because not only is he still dating Anderson "The Silver Fox" Cooper, but he is a co-owner of a punk gay bar called Eastern Bloc on East 6th Street and the straight-friendly Bedlam on Avenue C!


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