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FEBRUARY 1, 1991 SERVING TALLAHASSEE FOR 76 YEARS VOL. 95 DAY 16 Allies recapture border city of Khafji from Iraq UNITED PRESS INTKR. Intelligence reports from the Saudi Arabian front said 800 to 1,000 Iraq vehicles were on the move, but the Pentagon would not confirm the report. There were no reports of damage or, Saudi and Qatari troops supported by U. Marine Cobra helicopters forced the last Iraqis out of Al Khafii, a town on the Saudi gulf coast that was abandoned when the war heiran Jan. Saddam Hussein's iri Mips had entt^red Turn to WAR, page 3 Security at post offices tightens because of threats BY KRIS ELVIN STAFF WRITKR Increased security at post (offices private ptxstai services may mean delays and more hassles for those mailing and receiving packages, according to postal officials.

air support pushed the last of the Iraqi forces out of Al Khafji and back across the Saudi-Kuwaiti border Thursday after two days of the heaviest ground fighting of the Persian (riilf war. soldiers, a man and a woman, were reported missing, and Iraq said it had captured some U. soldiers during the ground fighting, including women. Following two days of quiet in Israel, Iraq launched its eighth missile attack on the Jewish state, and the conventional warhead landed in the occupifd West Bank.

-According to Boals, all packages weighing 15 curu'i r; iti'.a' th.

photos Some students -aid the\ were racist and sexist Trey Traviesa, student body president, fornied a -tudent com- mittee to ai t Lfiniiie ;i the pic tures should be printed The 7 committee voted against the picture, but the final deci- sion wa.- m Dalton's hands. \ itii(lre\ tlie pic tures fr(»m tlie catalog ihal prin^ mg couhi re-ati:' 1 la, ton and Tra . St rat ion to make a deci sion," said Peters "We wanted to continue the fliscussion of the Turn to REFERENDUM, page 5 2 / Friday, February 1, 1991 Florida Flambeau Local man dies from gunshot wound to head BY JOEL RISBERG STAFF WRITER A 29-year-old Tallahasset' man was shot in the head Wednesday night and died from his injuries.

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The stringent security measures were enacted by the U S, postmaster general's office after the start of the Persian Gulf war.

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.i - .aidn't be reached for comment Thursday CPE Director Kelly Peters had threatened a sit-in if the commit tec ruled .igain-t \h- : ■ » iiia.'.-. Anthony Williams, of 3210 Jim Lee Road, was found on the sidewalk at the interaction of South Meridian Road and Yeager Street by Tallahassee police officers, Tallahassee Police Department spokesper^n Mark Meadows said.

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